Pa. homeowner without heat for a week after water main break damages furnace, hot water heater


ENHAUT, Pa. (WHTM) — Temperatures dipped down into the teens Sunday night, making for a cold morning across central Pennsylvania.

That’s especially true for a Dauphin County woman, who’s been without heat and hot water for the last week. Karen Dewalt reached out to abc27 for help after a pipe burst in the street outside her home and then flooded her basement, and damaged her furnace and hot water heater. Both still aren’t working.

“I didn’t notice until the next morning, that all that water from that break had gushed into my basement and left 2.5 feet of water in my basement that put my furnace and my hot water heater underwater. I haven’t had heat or hot water since last week,” said Dewalt.

It’s taking its toll.

“Last night was at 16 degrees. I do have my neighbors, who have been great. They gave me a couple of electric heaters,” said Dewalt.

Dewalt says she’s doing everything she can.

“I called my homeowner’s insurance, who said they don’t take care of it because it was groundwater. I called Suez Water who said that they’re not going to pay for it, but they transferred it to their insurance company,” said Dewalt.

Suez Water said the main break happened because of the weather. When asked if they’ll be paying for repairs to Dewalt’s home, Suez Water told us, they’ll work closely with Dewalt to resolve the issue and will offer assistance with the repairs. After we left Dewalt’s home, she said she got a call from the plumbing and heating company that assessed the damage, saying Suez Water will pay for the parts to repair her hot water heater and furnace.

“My last hope was abc27 news, in hopes that they would help me somehow because it’s getting colder and colder to have no heat. It’s becoming very stressful,” said Dewalt.

And on top of all this, the water damaged her basement, including tools, decorations, and other items. Dewalt says she’s afraid her pipes will freeze and break, causing even more damage.

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