LEWISTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) — Families on Logan Street in Lewistown, Mifflin County, are trying to save what they can after a massive fire damaged their homes.

“It’s just gone, everything’s gone,” Hope Himelright said.

One person was killed and four firefighters were injured in the fire that broke out early Tuesday morning. The blaze destroyed one building and damaged three other nearby homes.

Hope Himelright and Andrew Rice are trying to salvage everything they can, and the two can’t believe they lost their home so fast.

“I never would have imaged it, I still till this day, I am in shock, it’s a nightmare I just want to wake up from,” Himelright said.

Hope says she was asleep after putting her infant child to bed late Monday night but shortly woke up in a panic.

Her neighbor’s home caught on fire and severely damaged Himelright’s home.

“I heard glass, I heard somebody laying on their horn, people screaming in my windows to get out. I was under the impression that someone wrecked into my car. Now I wish that’s what would have happened,” she said.

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Himelright is now trying to save what she can from family pictures to personal items.

Officials say four firefighters were hurt but are expected to be okay after they found the body of a woman who was inside.

Hope said she heard her screams but could not go inside because the flames were so aggressive.

“It’s very devastating, we couldn’t do nothing, no matter what no matter who tried to enter, we just couldn’t there we could do and that’s heartbreaking alone, knowing that she lost her life,” Himelright

The fire also caused much damage to several other homes surrounded by caution tape.

“I loved the house it was beautiful it doesn’t look like much now but it was our home it was ours,” Himelright said.

Hope and Andrew say as they take what they can, they knew things could have been much worse and are thankful they have each other.

“Everybody’s fine that’s all that matters honestly, I got the dogs, I got the kids, I got her that’s all I cared about,” Rice said.

Lewistown police have not released the cause of the fire and say this is an ongoing investigation.