Hospital offers voting service


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Tomorrow is primary Election Day and Chambersburg Hospital is taking a proactive approach to voting by making sure their patients are able to cast their ballot right from their hospital bed.

Starting tomorrow at 8 a.m., volunteers will go door to door asking patients if they would like to cast their vote.

“There are different ballots that you use, this one we use for emergency only so it has to be notarized,” said Michelle Hollinshead, an administrative assistant at Chambersburg Hospital.

Patients need to show a form of I.D. and have someone present who can acknowledge they are able to vote. A doctor must also sign off to indicate the patient is not physically able to make it to the polls.

“We use this form and then we take it down to the courthouse, bring the ballot back, let them vote while I’m in the room, notarize it, take it back down to the courthouse and the judge signs off on it and then we can bring it back and let them know they officially voted,” said Hollinshead.

Patients that are admitted in the afternoon will have the opportunity to vote. The service was offered during last November’s elections.

The one guy just turned 100 he had never missed voting,” said Hollinshead.

The hospital says they want to make the process simple during what can be a stressful time for patients.

“That’s another impact they can make, when they’re sick and down and in the hospital knowing that they can make a difference and still having their say, even though they’re not in their best health,” said Colleen Kylor, R.N., the clinical manager of critical care for the hospital. 

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