Hot & soggy summer creating pumpkin problems


All of the wet weather we’ve had is having a major effect on pumpkins, a big, local crop for midstate farmers. 

Farmers say the combination of moisture and heat can cause crops to develop a variety of diseases. 

The farmers we spoke to at Strite’s Orchard have taken steps to prevent disease, including growing pumpkins in raised beds, and being more selective in the harvesting process.

Even with that, they are still frustrated with the way things turned out for this year’s crops.

“There’s som many things that are out of your hands in farming. You do all the work, you put in all teh time, you do all the steps properly, and then you get 10 inches of rain in a week, and it shoots everything in the foot,” said Jon Strite, Partner of Strite’s Orchard.

Farmers say the wet and humid conditions are also affecting apple and peach crops. 

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