How to keep your packages safe from thieves on Amazon Prime Day


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Amazon Prime Day is underway.

This year, it’s actually two days full of more than a million deals worldwide. But with all those orders online, it means a lot of packages are going to be delivered, and in Susquehanna Township, police are worried about package thefts.

“It kind of comes and goes in spurts sometimes, especially around the holidays or, in this case, such as Amazon Prime Day,” police Sgt. Rich Adams said.

It’s not just Amazon. Rival retailers including Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and eBay rolled out discounts of their own Monday.

“I think the most important thing is to try to ensure that somebody’s home to receive the package and if that’s not possible, maybe consider having it shipped to either a family member’s house or a friend’s house,” Adams said.

A lot of people already have deterrents in place, with surveillance cameras in their doorbells.

“The ring doorbells are very popular, also Nest, so you can be notified that way,” Adams said.

Another option in select areas is Amazon Locker. You can have your packages securely stored in yellow bins so thieves don’t have access.

“They know a lot of packages are going to be sitting on porches, so we want to try to ensure that we do our best to keep those thieves away,” Adams said.

But even after a package is safely delivered, you don’t want your house to be a target for burglaries with those new toys and electronics.

“We always recommend that you break down your boxes and put them inside a container instead of just leaving the packages out at the curb for the garbage men because people will drive around and see those TV boxes or whatever those large boxes are and know that you’ve received a newer TV or whatever that gift is,” Adams said.

As you enjoy the online savings, Adams says just make sure you’re taking the right steps to ensure your package doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

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