Hundreds of state vehicles up for auction Tuesday


Hundreds of vehicles will be up for auction Tuesday at Manheim Keystone Pennsylvania in Grantville, the majority of which the Commonwealth will have for sale.

“We open at nine in the morning. You want to get here early. Most people get here at six and they wait for us to open,” said Sal Cuomo, General Manager, Manheim Keystone Pennsylvania.

These are vehicles state employees and municipalities no longer need. Trucks, winnebagos, motorcycles, retired state trooper vehicles, they’ll all be on the auction block.

“It’s controlled chaos,” said Cuomo. 

These state auctions happen six times a year, and organizers say they’re very popular. In fact, typically 90% of the vehicles up for auction are sold, and that’s the expectation for Tuesday.

“It’s a wholesale environment. So there’s a lot of items that are purchased that are marked up tremendously. Well, cars are no different,” said Cuomo.

The auction begins at 10 a.m. and will end sometime in the afternoon. All the sales money goes back to the state.

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