Hunting licenses go on sale


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Hunting licenses went on sale this week.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission says the main motivator to buy early is the ability to get DMAP permits. Those are limited and already in high demand.

The game commission says sales have been on the steady decline since the early 1980s, so the state is working hard to change that. The commission tells us it worked more on promoting this year compared to other years.

Hunting sales always start on the third Monday of June.

“We’ve done a lot to promote that to make it something to register with folks and to try to make it almost a holiday where we can celebrate the start of license sales and look forward to those hunting seasons that come up in the fall,” said Travis Lau, a game commission spokesman.

The state says it’s too early to tell whether sales are up or down.

The new license year starts July 1.

The first round of analyst license sales starts the week after.

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