In a year where many industries saw a huge hit because of COVID-19, fishing flourished in Pennsylvania


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in March, people suddenly were left without many options for enjoyment. Fishing became a very popular option for people looking to get outside in a safe way.

Tim Schaeffer, Executive Director for the PA Fish and Boat Commission, said, “We saw license sales numbers that we haven’t seen in twenty five years. We’re approaching nearly a million licensed anglers in Pennsylvania. The last time we had that many was in 1996.”

In a time where many extracurricular activities were canceled, fishing thrived due to it’s natural socially distanced behavior.

“I’ve got to say I spent, I can remember a couple of really memorable evenings with my twin boys back in April, where we were knee-deep in the Yellow Breeches, and it was wonderful,” said Schaeffer.

It’s hard to predict if the popularity will stay at this level for 2021, but Schaeffer says he’s excited to see what happens. “we’re hopeful and optimistic that people, having rediscovered their love of the outdoors in 2020, will stay outdoors in 2021.”


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