“It’s just a lot more personal for us”: Midstate veterans watch dire situation unfold in Afghanistan


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A Taliban takeover of major Afghanistan cities has the whole world watching with concern. It comes as the U.S. troops withdraw after nearly 20 years.

The situation in the country seems to be getting more unstable by the day. For veterans who served there, that’s tough to watch.

Army veteran Britnee Moore carries a lot of memories from her time in Afghanistan.

“Bringing peace and helping to support them on personal levels. That’s just being taken away from them,” Moore said.

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Her personal connections add to the pain of watching what’s happening there now.

“We know these people that are being affected by this and we know how scared they are. So I guess it’s just a lot more personal for us,” Moore said.

Cory Angell served in Afghanistan with the PA National Guard.

“It’s certainly disappointing. I think everybody can say that. It’s a little bit of a shock too to see how rapidly everything has been depleting,” Angell said.

He too feels a connection to the Afghan people.

“I handed her the teddy bear and she hugged it right up and so that’s what I think of the most. Where is she? How is she? Whatever happened to her,” Angell said.

Neither one is giving up their hopes for the region.

“I know that sounds maybe a little corny to say the good guys always win, but even if it’s on small levels I think they can get to a place of peace,” Moore said.

“Veterans should all be proud of their service there. I believe that there’s a lot of good that we left behind,” Angell said.

President Biden’s plan is to have all American troops out of Afghanistan by the end of the month. Thousands of American troops are heading into the Capitol City, Kabul, to help staff at the U.S. Embassy and others who assisted the U.S. leave the country.

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