Akron now relies on neighboring municipality for police services


AKRON, Pa (WHTM) — Now that it’s 2021, the police cars rolling around Akron will no longer have the borough’s name on them anymore. Instead, they’ll read West Earl Township.

Akron has agreed on a 5-year contract with neighboring West Earl Township to provide police services.

Mayor of Akron, John McBeth, said it’s a change residents of Akron should feel good about.

“We had 5 members on our police force,” McBeth said. “West Earl, once they get fully established, they will have 12.”

McBeth said the borough decided on ditching it’s own police department after their former chief announced he would retire.

Akron will pay about $4.5-million for the agreement. McBeth said that’s similar to what they would have had to pay to bolster it’s own department.

“We felt the increased number would provide more opportunities for service response,” McBeth said.

West Earl Township Police Chief, Eric Higgins, said the move allows him to have an officer on the street 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tim Weiser, who is the President of Weiser Markets in Akron, said he feels the move is good for the borough.

“That was a good move because Akron’s tax base is not growing,” Weiser said. “They’ve got to look at controlling costs and that’s a good way of controlling costs.”


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