Animal welfare advocates see unintended consequence of Libre’s Law


Dr. Bryan Langlois of the Pennsylvania Veterinarian Medical Association says he’s seeing a problem across the state.

Langlois says he’s seeing potential animal neglect ignored because police cannot handle the work.

“It’s more of the center of the state, some northern areas of the state,” he said.

Langlois says it’s an unintended consequence of Libre’s Law, which toughened penalties for animal abuse and neglect.​​​​​​​ Libre’s Law was named after an abused and neglected dog in Lancaster County.

Langlois says the cases are being ignored in places where humane officers don’t exist.

“There’s the other side of that where the law being passed is great, but it’s the enforcement and the support and the resource support that’s needed,” Langlois said.

Locally, Langlois says we’re lucky. He said humane officers around here are able to handle the extra cases brought on by the law.

Langlois worries what would happen if those officers were slashed due to budget cuts. He said that’s already happened in other places.

“We’re hoping that through various means and constant talking, somewhere down the line there will be some funding allocated through the state specifically for humane law enforcement,” he said.

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