ATF questions storage of stolen explosives


A reward has doubled to $20,000 for information about 704 pounds of explosives stolen from a pipeline worksite in West Donegal Township.

There was an added police presence Thursday at the site off River Road.

Investigators with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said their top priority is to find the dynamite and who took it.

ATF special agent Don Robinson said investigators aren’t ruling anything out. That includes employees who had access to the site.

“We have to talk to everyone that was there or would have been working there,” Robinson said. “We’re trying to determine suppliers, anyone who made deliveries there.”

The explosives were stolen from a locked truck trailer. Robinson said ATF officials want to know why that happened since strict federal regulations state that explosives must be stored in magazines, which are made for storing explosives.

“Just reading our regulations on explosive storage, it becomes apparent there were some issues there,” Robinson said.

Robinson said the ATF has special agents monitoring the site. He said what was stolen is very dangerous.

“We’re talking about 16 cases of a dynamite product,” Robinson said. “Each case had 40 cartridges in it, each cartridge is 1.1 pound. Just one of those cartridges would do significant damage to a vehicle or obviously bodily injury to anybody.”

Robinson said the ATF has not ruled out terrorism as a motive, or if someone opposed to the pipeline stole the materials.

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