Columbia man cited for protest incidents at pipeline work area

COLUMBIA, Pa. (WHTM) - A Lancaster County man is accused of harassing flaggers at a pipeline construction project near his home.

Daniel K. Forry, 77, of Columbia, was cited for three separate protest incidents in West Hempfield Township in March and June.

The district attorney's office said on March 16, when Forry was not allowed to drive through a construction area on Indian Head Road, he inched his vehicle forward and tapped the flagger with his front bumper. He was cited with disorderly conduct.

Forry was also cited for harassment for that incident and another on March 31, when police say he yelled at a flagger. At one point, authorities say he got out of his vehicle and was nearly face-to-face with the flagger while yelling.

On June 2, police say Forry ignored and then struck a flagger while trying to drive around him. He was cited for violating obedience to authorized persons directing traffic.

Police said he Forry "does not agree with the pipeline."

No one was injured in the incidents.

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