Construction project looks to fix decade long ponding problem


Ponding of water on Route 72 in Manheim has been an issue for as long as some people can remember.

Dan Reist, who owns the Brick House Cafe and Coffee Shop, said he has seen businesses close because of the issue.

“There were a few businesses on the far side of the street that when it rained, they had no business because nobody wanted to walk down the sidewalk and potentially get drenched by water,” Reist said.

Reist said his restaurant hasn’t been immune to the problems.

“When it rained, you could have water all the way up to [our] curb,” he said.

On Wednesday, crews started work to take care of the issue.

Workers are installing storm drains from Danney Alley to Gramby Street.

“It’s going to mean that we’re saving every one of these homes on this block,” Reist said. “We’re going to save their foundation because that water was hitting these buildings and eroding their foundations.”

Borough Manager James Fisher said Manheim was finally able to act on the problem because of federal grant money it received.

“It’s a huge project for Manheim,” he said. “The things we’re trying to do to improve Main Street, this kind of has a ripple effect. [It’s] making it more pedestrian friendly.”

Route 72 will have to close while crews work on the project. Construction is expected to last about a month.

Reist said the closure is worth it.

“This is progress,” he said.

Construction will take place on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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