LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — After only a few days in the ‘green phase’, Lancaster County isn’t getting positive reviews. A new tool by the Pennsylvania Health Department shows that cases of coronavirus are growing.

The Online Early Warning Monitoring dashboard shows that between June 15-21, Lancaster County had 244 new cases of COVID-19, and then between June 22 – 28 there were 383 new cases of COVID-19.

The 139 increase is the second most in Pennsylvania.

“There’s a very simple reason. The county is aggressively testing nursing homes and we also have more nursing homes in Lancaster County than any other county,” Lancaster County Commissioner Josh Parsons said.

The state Health Department pointed out that a third of cases during that span can be linked to long term care facilities, while the rest are from known exposures.

“Obviously, as we open up we’re also going to have more cases,” Parsons said. “We knew that all along.”

Parsons told abc27 that the commissioners would not shut down the county again, saying they don’t have the authority to do so even if cases climb. He said they will continue to monitor the situation and ensure that hospitals are not overwhelmed, which he said was the goal in the first place.

“As of this weekend, [Penn Medicine, Lancaster General Health] had 20 COVID-19 patients,” Parsons pointed out. “We have not seen numbers that low since early March when this first started. That doesn’t mean those numbers can’t fluctuate because those numbers can go up too. We’ve got to watch those numbers and act accordingly.”