Dogs from local shelter ready for ‘pupventures’


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Stout, a 3-year-old mixed breed dog, has been at the Pennsylvania SPCA on Queen Street for a little more than a month.

Staffers have realized he’s not himself when he’s locked up.

“He hates being in the kennel. He cries,” said Rachel Golub, the shelter manager.

Golub said Stout is a much happier dog when he’s not in the kennel. She said it’s why Stout would be a perfect candidate for a “pupventure”.

“He can go anywhere,” Golub said. 

The shelter’s new “pupventure” program starts Thursday. Volunteers will be allowed to take dogs out of the kennel and on field trips that last from one hour to overnight. 

Golub said the dogs can go to parks or restaurants.

“The benefits of this program is that gets the dogs out of [the shelter] environment,” she said. “When dogs are in the shelter, they don’t show how they would be at home. Getting them away from this environment shows what they’ll be like in a home and it reduces the stress.”

As the “pupventure” program begins, only those who register and go through a short training with the shelter can take dogs on their own adventures.

“We’re trusting the public,” Golub said. “I think our efforts and trust will be rewarded.”

Volunteers will also be required to sign waivers before taking a dog on an adventure.

To sign up for the “pupventure” program, click here.

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