EMS trying new way to recruit new workers


If the flashing lights don’t grab your attention, maybe a paycheck will. 

Susquehanna Valley EMS is offering to pay you to work as an EMT, even before you go out on one of its ambulances. 

“We wanted to make this a non-traditional education environment,” said Rob Walker, an education manager for Susquehanna Valley EMS. 

They’re calling it an EMT recruit academy. It works by cramming what you would normally have to pay to learn in four to six months into just six weeks. 

“Obviously, we show you all the skills you need to take care of patients, but the first thing and one of the most important things we’re going to show you is where everything is in the ambulance,” said Walker. 

After that, you’re EMT certified and hired. It’s happening while you’re earning a paycheck for them, like an apprenticeship. 

“We’re going to find the right people that have the right mix of compassion, the interest in science and learning and just that will to want to come back and help the public, that we’re going to have a great mix of candidates,” said Walker. 

When everything is all said and done, the EMS company expects you to stay for at least a year. 

Hopefully, for the meantime, this will fix an issue of keeping qualified candidates. 

“We’d love to have people stay with us forever. It’s an expense to train new people and to get people acclimated to the system,” said Walker. 

If the program goes well, Susquehanna Valley EMS plans to use it again. 

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