High temperatures call for an early dismissal for several Lancaster schools


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM)- With just days away from summer vacation, six schools within the School District of Lancaster let out early today because of the heat.

“We have five schools in our district that are not air-conditioned, they’re older buildings and it just so happened that one of the buildings that have been relatively recently remodeled, just had a malfunctioning air conditioner,” Adam Aurand, spokesperson for the School District of Lancaster, said.

The district says it follows guidelines when it comes to hot days.

“The buildings are hot and if you get up onto a second floor in some of these buildings, it can be really uncomfortable, especially when you’re trying to keep kids distanced and masked, that can become really challenging,” Aurand said.

Lancaster EMS says an early dismissal was a good call, especially when it comes to kids.

“They’re smaller and the impacts are going to hit them a bit quicker, their systems aren’t going to put up with as much as you or I would,” Andrew Gilger with Lancaster EMS said.

If you’re spending the day outside, it’s important to say safe.

“There’s a number of heat-related injuries that can come into play on days like this and as we move into the summer,” Gilger said.

Signs of heat exhaustion can be perfuse sweating, nausea or headaches.

“For heat exhaustion, I would even go to the point of saying that’s the time to dial 911,” Gilger said.

Heatstroke is considered a medical emergency and could be deadly. Heatstroke means your body temperature is rising to critical levels and your body stops sweating.

“If it’s gotten to that point, you waited too long to get out of the sun and that’s something that’s going to require some really aggressive cooling measures and definitely a trip to the emergency department,” Gilger said.

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