Infrastructure bill to bring much-needed upgrades to Lancaster


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Lancaster city is getting ready for a much-needed upgrade. 

“We have an infrastructure that has been ailing for a few years, decades actually so this is first major infrastructure bill in a long time,” Representative Mike Sturla (D-Lancaster) said.

It won’t just be the city that benefits, all of Lancaster county stands to win on investments ranging from roadways to railways.

“There are major parts of rural Pennsylvania that don’t have broadband. Those kinds of things allow you to expand commerce in some of those areas instead of building a four-lane highway to the middle of nowhere,” Sturla said.  

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Sturla was clear when he spoke in front of local business owners today. It’s about spending wiser, not faster.

“We have to make sure our infrastructure is more resilient than it was. We can’t build bridges that are going to flood out every time. What used to be a 100-year flood is now an every 10-year flood,” Sturla added.

Business owners echo that sentiment, saying an overhaul is long overdue.

“The Wi-Fi signal definitely needs to be improved. Early in the pandemic there seemed to be inadequacies especially over there when everybody was being homeschooled,” Andre Gilbert, a Lancaster business owner said.

While the changes might not be visible for years to come, Sturla says that when it’s here, it’s here to stay.

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