Kellogg’s: The strike continues in Lancaster


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Hundreds of Kellogg’s workers remain on strike in Lancaster County and it looks like those workers might hold out as long as it takes.

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Last week, the local union and Kellogg’s went back to the bargaining and the company put its last best final offer. The union flat out reject it, however, saying it would not put it up for a vote. The union wants Kellogg’s to change a system that gives newer workers fewer benefits and lower pay.

The union says the latest offer was worse than the first.

“In October, they still wanted the two-tier system, but at least they would get the top wage legacy people get. But, with this latest contract, it would still be a two-tier system, but they would never get the wage that the legacy gets. It’s actually less money,” Kerry Williams, local Union President, said.

The union says it wants a fair contract where all employees are on the pathway to equal pay and benefits.

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