Lancaster County funeral home under investigation for misconduct


MILLERSVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) — A Lancaster County funeral home and its director are facing formal disciplinary action and are under investigation by the state.

Andrew Scheid has been the director at his namesake funeral home since 1995. He faces 30 counts of misconduct and could lose his license in addition to thousands of dollars in penalties.

In a formal complaint, Pennsylvania prosecutors accuse Scheid of keeping a body un-refrigerated for several days, not returning cremated remains to families, over-billing and not following the wishes of families

“It’s just upsetting and it’s hurtful because you’re already vulnerable in this time and you have to deal with this,” Lakan Oberholtzer said.

Oberholtzer’s dad, Bob, died suddenly at the end of last year. Her problems with the funeral home didn’t start until after the funeral when she tried to get a catalog to pick an urn.

“They told us, ‘Just to try calling Monday morning,’ so we tried, called every day and never heard anything. Finally, Thursday night,” Oberholtzer said.

When she finally got it, the outside of the urn was correct, but not the inside

“She actually had glued my urn shut so I couldn’t get it open, but my urn was supposed to open because it’s like a memory chest,” Oberholtzer said.

She also received a different fingerprint necklace than she ordered. For close to a month, she hasn’t had phone calls returned, even to get a receipt.

“It’s a black mark on the entire profession but they’re rare,” said Kathleen Ryan, executive director of the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association. “When they happen it’s always unfortunate for both the practitioner and the consumer they serve.”

Ryan says it’s important to find reputable funeral homes.

“The first thing you can do is go on the Department of State’s website and verify if there are any disciplinary actions against that individual or the funeral home,” Ryan said.

And when paying for things:

“Make sure you as the consumer contact the insurance company and receive verification that the funds got where they were supposed to, and similarly with a trust situation,” Ryan said.

So far, the Attorney General’s office has received nine formal complaints about Scheid Funeral Home. Anyone with a complaint can submit one by clicking here.

Andrew Scheid, nor the funeral home could be reached for comment.

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