LANCASTER, Pa (WHTM) – Lancaster County Commissioners are scheduled to vote on a plan to allocate, or reallocate, nearly $36-million in federal CARES Act coronavirus relief funds. The plan to distribute the money prioritizes economic relief spending, much like it did earlier this year when commissioners allocated close to $78-million of the CARES Act money.

According to Lancaster County Commissioner, Ray D’Agostino, some of the money from the initial allocation will not be used, which is why there is $36-million left to spend. D’Agostino leads the county’s federal CARES Act spending committee and has overseen the proposal of how the money will be spent.

On Friday, D’Agostino told ABC 27 News that among other things, the proposal would provide an additional $15 million for economic recovery grant, money for which both for-profit businesses and nonprofits would be eligible. “The focus of our use of the CARES Act funds has been about protecting lives and livelihoods,” DAgostino said.

In addition to economic recovery the plans calls for $3-million to go to long term care facilities. There’s also additional funding for county services, municipalities, and school districts.

“School districts particularly have extra expenses because of COVID and dealing with keeping people safe,” D’Agostino said. “If we want to keep schools open, like they should be, the county is looking to helping them do that.”

The CARES Act law requires all the funds to be spent by Dec. 30.

All three commissioners are expected to vote on the plan next Wednesday.