Lancaster investigating new complaints against police

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) - A video on Facebook and a set of voicemails has some citizen groups asking more questions about police interactions.

The video posted July 5 shows the arrest of Jaleel Corley. He was arrested on an outstanding drug warrant after police said they saw him in the passenger seat of a vehicle they had to chase.

The video shows a police officer on top of Corley.

Rafael Diaz, a member of Lancaster Stands Up, watched the video.

"Just a week after the initial video of Sean Williams being tased by Officer Bernot, we had this video of someone in handcuffs being slapped around by police," he said.

In the video, the officer approaches a woman recording the incident and threatens to arrest her.

"I broke down in tears right then," Diaz said. "I kind of freaked out because it just seemed like a cruel joke."

The video was recorded one day before Mayor Danene Sorace announced Officer Philip Bernot would not be fired or suspended for using a Taser on Sean Williams as Williams sat on a curb.

"If the city is serious about police accountability, we need a community review board," Diaz said.

Also under investigation is a set of voicemails apparently left to a student in Canada.

Brody Stuart-Verner called the police department to complain about the Taser incident. According to his attorney, Stuart-Verner later received three voicemails in which he was threatened and harassed.

Stuart-Verner posted on Twitter that he believes the calls came from Lancaster police. His attorney has asked the state attorney general's office to investigate.

The mayor's office and the police department are investigating the voicemails and the video from July 5.

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