Lancaster joins growing chorus against legal fireworks


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – The city of Lancaster has joined a growing number of municipalities asking Pennsylvania lawmakers to take another look at the two-year-old law that legalized bottle rockets, Roman candles, and other consumer-grade fireworks.

Lancaster has tougher restrictions on fireworks than most municipalities, but firefighters say they were still inundated with calls and complaints over the Fourth of July weekend.

The city council is working on a letter that asks lawmakers to repeal the law. Fire Chief Scott Little says he’s onboard.

“It’s just not smart for our community members to be lighting off the types of fireworks they are now able to buy,” Little said. “We’re really asking for the support of our elected officials in Harrisburg to repeal the current law as written.”

The law approved as part of the 2017 budget sets a 12% percent tax on fireworks before the 6% sales tax. Last fiscal year, it brought in $8 million in revenue.

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