LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — School districts across the Midstate are slated to get millions of dollars in federal stimulus money.

School officials say they’re ecstatic with how much they’re getting.

“[We’re] very ecstatic,” Matt Przywara, Chief of Finance and Operations for the School District of Lancaster, said.

The School District of Lancaster is slated to get $42 million, one of the highest amounts in the Midstate.

The stimulus money comes as the district is dealing with declines in enrollment because of the pandemic and about a $14-million deficit in its upcoming budget.

Przywara said the district will pay down some of the deficit, but he said will also use the one-time funds for long-term fixes like improved ventilation.

“That’s to the tune of $7-million to put some really great technology in every classroom, to the extent possible,” Przywara added.

Przywara said the improvements to the HVAC system will help to stop the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses.

Every district receiving stimulus money must use at least 20% of it on what’s called “learning loss”. Learning loss has a loose definition, but it’s often described as the seismic disruption to academics caused by the pandemic.

Przywara said getting students back on track in SDOL might mean added money for summer school programs or longer school years.

“That is an ambitious goal,” Przywara admitted. “We’d have to work with added stakeholders to do that. Traditional schools in Pennsylvania do the 180 days, but are there opportunities to look at going longer next year and the year after to help us recover and rebuild from these learning losses that we have.”

School districts must use the money by 2023.

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