Lancaster studies impact of more 2-way streets


Orange Street currently runs one way. So does Lime Street.

Lancaster is studying both busy streets to see if they should be open to two-way traffic.

“We’re looking at how the conversion to two-way would change travel patterns,” said Cindy McCormick, deputy director of Public Works.

McCormick said city officials are studying what it would mean to add two-way traffic to part of Duke and Church streets.

McCormick said when more streets are opened to two-way traffic, it usually eases congestion.

“Slowing the traffic down makes it more walkable for pedestrians,” she said. “Some of these streets are narrow. We may have a tough time adding a bike lane, but just slowing traffic down also makes it easier for bikes.”

At the end of last year, the city opened Charlotte Street to two-way traffic. McCormick said they noticed traffic got better.

McCormick said there is a chance some parking spots would be lost if more streets are opened to two-way traffic.

The study is expected to last six to eight months.

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