Lancaster to construct temporary roundabout at troubled intersection


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Andrew Whalen has seen a lot of close calls at the spot where North Plum Street meets Park Avenue and East New Street.

“It always just seems that by the time you pull out enough to see the cars coming, you might as well just be hit,” said Whalen, who lives in Lancaster.

Lancaster officials have listened to Whalen’s concerns, and they’re doing something about it.

In the spring, the city added stop signs near the intersection, but on Wednesday, it will work to construct a temporary roundabout.

“Putting a roundabout is better because it brings a focal point to it,” Whalen said. “Plus, it allows traffic to keep moving.”

The city plans to monitor the roundabout using a 3-6 month trial period. 

The roundabout, the first in Lancaster, will be constructed using paint markings and flexible posts. Officials say if it’s successful at slowing traffic, they will seek a permanent solution. 

Drivers who pass through the roundabout will be expected to driver counterclockwise. Left turns for trucks or buses may require them to drive over the painted roundabout, which the city says is acceptable.

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