Lancaster veterinarian to spend weekend in cage on roof of pet pantry

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) -- - Summer is officially here, and that means heading out to a warm, sunny, vacation spot, unless you're Pet Pantry of Lancaster County's co-founder and staff vet, Dr. Bryan Langlois. 

He's spending the first weekend of summer in less than desirable conditions. 

According to Langlois, he was arrested for organizing an illegal flea circus in the basement of the Pet Pantry. He was sentenced to cage confinement for the entire weekend, unless $10,000 of "bail" money could be raised. 

In the first couple hours of the event on Friday, the Pet Pantry raised $1,500. The money will go to a number of places, including the pantry's main mission -- to provide pet food to lower income families, but also towards a new anesthesia machine. 

"It will allow us to get out there more to do more lower cost spay and neuter, and especially get out into areas where we can feral cat trap, neuter return surgeries, which are a big need in the county right now," Langlois said. 

"We find that there are so many cats everywhere, so we've been promoting trying to get the cats spayed and neutered, so that we can reduce the population in Lancaster County," said Steve Pizzo, volunteer coordinator for Pet Pantry of Lancaster County. 

Donations can be made in person during the pantry's business hours or on their website

Despite a soggy start to his confinement, Langlois said he hopes the stunt will help people open their hearts to animals, if not their wallets. 

"If I have to undergo a little bit of, you know, discomfort and stuff like that, it's nothing compared what a lot of the animals we deal with have gone through," he said. 

Langlois is only being let out of his cage for bathroom breaks or if an animal is in need of emergency care. 

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