Man recounts chilling encounter with home intruder


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Jay Noble says he came face to face with a man who charged into his Orange Street home on Thursday.

“I saw a head with a mask and hood,” Noble said. “I picked up a chair and forced him out the door. That’s when he was hitting me with his gun.”

Noble showed ABC27 News the lacerations he has on his head from the incident. He also has a cut on his eye.

“[The suspect] walked me all the way to the third floor at gunpoint,” Noble said. “I think he wanted to see what was in the house.”

Noble said he had to go to a hospital after the incident. He said the intruder only said two things during the incident. He said the suspect gave him a countdown when he got the third floor. 

The other thing the suspect said is chilling.

“I said look, my wife and kid are going to be here any second,” Noble said. “He said if you don’t want them to come home to a body bag, cooperate.” 

Police said the home invasion Thursday may be connected to a robbery last week at the Broad Street Laundromat. Surveillance video from the laundry shows that suspect also had a gun and wore a similar disguise.

Investigators say it’s possible it could be the same suspect because the crime scenes are only blocks from each other.

Police say it’s unusual that both crimes happened in broad daylight.

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