Protests continue for third day in Lancaster City


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Protests continued in Lancaster City on Monday following Sunday night’s, which took a violent turn after officers were hit with water bottles and other objects.

Monday was the third day of protests in Lancaster.

Demonstrators say they are upset about the death of George Floyd and violence against minorities. 

Demonstrations began around 11 a.m. at the Lancaster City police station and were peaceful through the day.

Crowds, which fluctuated in size, marched to Penn Square, the Lancaster County Prison, and the Lancaster County Courthouse.

Through the day protesters shouted chants of “black lives matter”, “say his name”, and “no justice, no peace”.

At one point after he addressed the crowds Lancaster City Police Chief Jarrad Berkhiser marched a short distance with the demonstrators.

Before the demonstrations started city and community leaders said they were concerned that protests could be infiltrated by outsiders acting in bad faith and looking to incite violence.

Authorities noted some people in the crowds on Sunday were carrying firearms.

Officials claim those who were starting trouble were possibly associated white nationalists groups.

When Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace spoke before the protests she urged people to stay home and find alternatives to protests and riots.

Sorace said there will be other chances for those who are upset to spread their message, but that she didn’t want to see violence.

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