Police find no evidence of gun used during Spooky Nook incident; what to do when chaos erupts


LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — What started with fears of a shooter, erupted into chaos, sending six people from a youth basketball tournament to the emergency room. East Hempfield police say there’s no evidence a gun was fired at Spooky Nook in Lancaster County.

Robert Pena with Lancaster County Emergency Management says a similar situation could happen anywhere.

“Know what’s going on around you and have the awareness of that situation, know where the exits are, have at least two exits identified before you walk into the place,” said Pena.

Depending on the situation, know whether you’ll want to run for the exit or stay right where you are.

“That’s something you have to evaluate for yourself, is it safe for you to go with the crowd or safer for you to find someplace nearby to hide out,” said Pena.

If it’s an active shooter scene or you think a gun was involved, make sure police know you are unarmed.

“The best thing to do is keep your hands visible for police so they know you’re not carrying anything and listen to what the police tell you to do,” said Pena.

Anyone with video that would be helpful or who witnessed a firearm being used during the disturbance is asked to contact East Hempfield Twp. PD  717-898-3103.

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