Police K-9 unit to benefit from vacant lot


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — A team of developers last fall bought a quarter-acre lot next to the Federal Taphouse for $75,000.

The developers, Ebelry Myers LLC, plan to build on the land, but those plans will have to wait at least a year.

In the meantime, those developers are letting members of the Lancaster City Police Department use the land.

Corey Fogarty, owner of the Taphouse and on the team looking to develop the land, told ABC27 News they’re letting the K-9 unit use the lot as an agility training course.

“They’re going to put fencing up around the area,” Fogarty said. “It’ll be great for the dogs. They get a little room to run.”

Lancaster police Sgt. Michael Gerace said the closest K-9 training facility they currently have is a little less than a half hour drive from their department. The new facility is just over half a block from police headquarters.

“This allows the guys when they’re on shift, whether it’s day shift or night shift, to come here to train with any aspect of agility,” Gerace said. 

The move will also help the K-9 unit because they’re getting to use the land for free. 

Gerace, who helps to oversee the K-9 unit, said it also helps because the unit runs off of donations.

“When we have the opportunity to do something like this through the generosity of the community, it’s huge,” he said.

Gerace said police hope to start construction on the agility course next week.

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