Police warn of imposters demanding money for bogus crimes


Imposters are posing as “Warwick Police” and demanding money for bogus crimes, according to the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department.

“They’re saying that they have warrants out for their arrest and we’re gonna come out and arrest you if you don’t pay this certain amount of money,” Officer Alex Parisi said.

 But these so-called scammers missed an important fact, Parisi said.

“We would never call anyone over the phone and tell them that they have warrants out for their arrest and that they need to pay us this money,” said Parisi, adding that Warwick Township no longer has their own police force and is served by the regional department.

The callers demand money in whatever form to make your crime go away.

“It could be an Apple iTunes gift card or it could be a check, money order,” said Parisi.

The imposters are using the number 717-626-3162, which seems insignificant until you hit redial.

That number actually redirects you to the Northern Regional police department.

“Spoofing”, as it’s called, makes finding the suspects even harder, said Parisi.

“They’re using this technology that’s out there that covers their tracks. That way, it’s difficult for us to track back and figure out who these people are,” she said.

The best thing to do if you suspect you’re being targeted is just hang up.

“If you think it’s a scam, you need to contact police and never give your money out, never give your information out over the phone.”

Police plan to disable that compromised phone number so it doesn’t cause any more confusion.

To reach Northern Lancaster County Regional Police for a non-emergency, you can call 717-733-9685.

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