Fourth day of protests in Lancaster take place on Election Day


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Protests continued in Lancaster City on Tuesday for the fourth consecutive day.

Those who passed the protests got to see a unique picture of Democracy in America right now.

That’s because as protesters shouted outside the Lancaster City Police Station less than a block away some were casting their ballots in Pennsylvania’s Primary Election.

At times the protests marched passed a few polling places.

Darien (who didn’t provide his last name) who participated in Tuesday’s protest said he voted before demonstrating because he realized he had another chance to have his voice heard.

“Voting is one aspect of this,” Darien said. “It’s very important you have to vote, you have to make sure you know who is in power and aware of the political climate around you.”

Protesters in Lancaster acknowledged that the political climate has been tense the last couple of days.

Carlos Jimenez, who has often times been the loudest at the protests, said he would encourage other protesters to vote.

“It’s more than circling a box,” Jimenez said. “You need to have knowledge on who you are going to vote and who is right for this because at the end of the day these are everybody’s streets.”

Lancaster City Councilman, Xavier Garcia-Molina, who has also been part of the protests also urged those in the crowds to vote.

“That’s what we need to do is keep pushing forward, keep educating,” Gracia-Molina said. “This isn’t going to stop here. We can’t protest for the next week and get all the changes we want.”

Tuesday’s protests during the day were peaceful.

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