Swastikas, other graffiti found on Southern Market


Inside Lancaster’s Southern Market, there are usually messages of hope and opportunity.

That’s because Assets, the only tenant of the building, is a business that helps entrepreneurs get started.

However, messages of hate showed up on the windows of the nonprofit on Monday. Swastikas, upside-down crosses, and an “I love ISIS” message were all found there.

“Messages of hate don’t belong here,” said Jonathan Coleman, co-executive director of assets. “We think it was an opportunity for someone to express their views.”

Coleman said the graffiti was drawn with oil or grease. He said that it was easy to clean quickly.

“We were anxious to get swastikas off our windows,” he stated. “It’s not the kind of thing we want to have displayed.”

Police are investigating. No suspects have been charged.

“The stuff that was on the windows, we’re ready to move on from it,” Coleman said. 

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