Taking steps to prevent sexual assault at summer camp


Playground equipment was empty on a chilly and blustery Tuesday, but in a couple of months, that equipment will be filled with children in summer camp.

Safe Places, a counseling service that advocates for children when it comes to child sexual abuse, is now offering training for summer camps.

“You see child sexual abuse all over the news all the time,” said Lizz Durbin, of Safe Places. “People would be blind and a lot of people are in denial, the real issue that we’re seeing and how prevalent it is.”

Durbin said as part of the training, they are looking at areas where children could be abused.

Durbin told ABC27 News they look for areas where doors are kept unlocked or if there are areas that need more lighting.

Durbin said they’ve done similar training with 70 churches in Lancaster County. She said she is shocked to find some youth organizations still don’t have policies to keep children safe.

“Any place where kids are are the easiest places for sex offenders to get in,” Durbin stated. “Ninety to 95 percent of kids know and trust their abuser.”

The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office endorses the training. 

Durbin said when it comes down it, it’s all about keeping children safe.

To learn more about Safe Places, click here.

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