‘The house was engulfed in minutes.’ Neighbors describe Mt. Joy house explosion


MOUNT JOY, Pa. (WHTM) — There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding Tuesday’s house explosion and fire, and then, the discovery of two bodies.

“The house was engulfed in minutes,” Neighbor Donna Updegraff said. “There were quite a few pops and a few that were very violent,” Another Neighbor John Mapplebeck.

Neighbors providing some of the best information of all, because so much was gone in the moments before firefighters even got there.

“Lot of explosions during the fire. Single type explosions. Could’ve been gas cans, could’ve been paint cans. At least a dozen of them went off,” Updegraff said.

“I can’t imagine that from like two minutes before, that explosion went off, and all of a sudden that whole house is gone,” Updegraff said.

“Whenever you have a situation where a building explodes or is such a huge fire that reduces it to such rubble, it’s very difficult to determine what went on,” Detective Frank Ember said.

Making those accounts from the neighbors particularly crucial to the investigation. Police tonight releasing an update with lots of unknowns. No idea yet whether all this was an accident or something else.

They say the explosion caused the house to collapse in on itself and again confirmed they found two bodies inside which they couldn’t immediately identify. Impossible to confirm whether those two people were the people who lived in the house who neighbors say had lived there for a long time.

“I know they were really nice people, so this happening to them is surprising,” Mapplebeck said.

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