Venomous copperheads mating on busy Lancaster County bike trail


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Jesse Rothacker, of Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary, says a pair of venomous copperheads decided to have their most intimate moment on a busy Lancaster County bike trail this weekend.

Rothacker says the serpent sweethearts were out looking for love Sunday afternoon, but the cuddling copperheads became potentially dangerous to hikers and bikers once they began to slowly cross the busy trail.

Rothacker showed in a Facebook video how the reptiles look just like a fallen stick at a glance, then zooms in to show the snake species that causes the most venomous snake bites in the United States.

The video shows Jesse Rothacker filming the copulating copperheads up close, and illustrating how they mate while directing hikers and bikers around them.

Rothacker then moves the dangerous duo off the trail to finish their intimate encounter somewhere a little more private, and safe from the busy traffic on the trail.

Copperheads are found all across Pennsylvania and are the only venomous snake in Lancaster County, according to Rothacker.  He says venomous snake bites occur about 6-7 thousand times annually in the United States, and copperheads are involved in more bites than any other snake.

Rothacker says copperheads will not bother you if you leave them alone, but while most snakes are known to be spring breeders, some snakes including copperheads have a second fall breeding season.

Rothacker advises people to be cautious in snake habitat as this season continues, and always look where you step or ride.

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