Warm reunion for cold-blooded reptile in Lancaster County

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) - Last month, we introduced you to "Butter," a sneaky snake who escaped his home and turned up a mile away at a Sheetz parking lot in New Holland. After being close to two weeks of separation, he is back home with his family tonight. 

Butter is back around the neck and on the arms of the people who love him the most. 

"This is the prodigal python and he's returning home tonight," said Jesse Rothacker, president of Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary.

The playful python was being watched by a friend of his owner when he made his escape. 

"We were thinking that he got underneath one of the cars for warmth and they possibly drove to Sheetz with him and he got out," said Jamie Morton, Butter's owner. 

"Yeah, he turns up at a Sheetz at 5 a.m. Poor customers were just getting coffee and filling up and she finds, lo and behold, next to her gas pump a python," Rothacker said. 

Butter is back home safely, but Rothacker says it's common for other pet pythons to get hurt or killed by people who are frightened. He used Butter's return as an opportunity for a python party, trying to get people of all ages more comfortable with snakes. 

"So, if you see a snake, please give reptiles a chance. Even if it's not a pet, this is a natural part of our natural world. They have an important part of the environment," said Rothacker. 

Butter's family is just happy that he's back in his environment. 

"They're like our dogs. Our dogs are our kids, my kids, and they're like our kids, too," said Morton. 

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