Woman charged with animal cruelty for debarking dogs, docking tails

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A woman has been charged with animal cruelty and neglect regarding the treatment of 15 dogs seized from her Lancaster County farm in May.

Annie M. Beiler, 46, of Quarryville, was charged Thursday with 10 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, a misdemeanor count of animal neglect, and four summary counts of cruelty, according to court records.

The Pennsylvania SPCA says it received a tip May 22 that Beiler had arranged to have a female husky-type dog debarked. When a humane officer informed Beiler that debarking is illegal, she claimed she had canceled the appointment.

Two days later, Beiler called the humane officer to report that she had the dog debarked and it was a woman who performed the act, according to a criminal complaint.

The humane officer went to Beiler’s farm and asked if any other dogs had been debarked. Beiler reported that two adult Doberman pinschers had been debarked by the same woman.

Belier took the officer into her barn and stated the procedure was done on the concrete floor, and she paid $60 for each procedure. She said she was present during the procedure in which the dogs were given two shots and had a rod-like object thrust down their throats three times, the complaint states.

Beiler further indicated that she and her family docked the tails of their nine Doberman puppies themselves by placing rubber bands on the tails when the puppies were about three days old. 

She then led the officer to a hutch-like enclosure with three Doberman puppies and indicated there was an infection on the puppies’ tails.

The wire-based flooring of the hutch was spaced too far apart, which caused the puppies’ legs to fall through and/or become entangled, according to the complaint.

Beiler also failed to provide veterinary care for a Doberman puppy with hyphemia of the left eye, causing permanent visual damage that required removal of the eye, the complaint states.

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