Lawmakers slam marijuana listening tour as ‘sham’


Most people attending Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman’s listening tours support legalizing marijuana for recreational use, but four Republican state representatives from Franklin County say the tour is a sham.

The listening tour is an effort to hear opinions for and against legalizing recreational marijuana. In downtown Chambersburg, there are mixed reactions.

“I don’t think they should legalize it in PA because it’s going to start a lot of trouble,” said Tyler Lee Kauffman.

“My mom has always said she’d rather see somebody smoke a bowl then go out and drink a 12-pack and get in a car and kill someone,” said Nicole Castle.

Reps. John Hershey, Rob Kauffman, Paul Schemel and Jesse Topper released a joint statement Thursday, saying the meetings are a “cover to push an agenda of legalizing drugs.” The statement says, “although we commend the lieutenant governor on his willingness to “hear” both sides, we wonder if he will really be ‘listening’.”

Fetterman says he personally called and invited all members of the Franklin County delegation to the upcoming meeting in Chambersburg, but all four said they won’t be there.

“We count on them to hear our voice and use that when they vote, so if they’re not there, how can they really vote for us if they’re not there as the voice of the people?” said Jeffrey Hoose.

The lieutenant governor’s office released a statement in response.

“This listening tour has been just that, a listening tour. What the lieutenant governor is hoping to hear is whatever the people of Franklin County have to tell him related to adult-use marijuana. Anyone who has attended one of the tour stops has seen that this is an opportunity for people who are opposed, in favor, or undecided to weigh in, whether they’re expressing support or disapproval.”

The meeting is scheduled for May 2 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Eugene C. Clark Jr. Community Center in Chambersburg.

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