Dozens answer call to give final salute to World War II veteran

ANNVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) - Indiantown Gap National Cemetery is the resting place for 43,000 veterans and their family members. Sadly, some of those vets outlive family and friends and have no one at their funerals.

On Wednesday, dozens answered the call to make sure a World War II veteran was honored, remembered, and not alone. 

Walter R. Frey Jr., of Allentown, passed away Feb. 20 from natural causes. His remains went unclaimed. His wife passed away in 2014 and his last living relative passed in January. 

Attendees say they were afraid Frey was going to turn up in a pauper's grave with no recognition. People who never met him and many fellow veterans came from miles around, and it is just what Walter R. Frey Jr. deserved. 

Last year, the unclaimed remains of 237 veterans were interred at national cemeteries across the country. 

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