Hundreds of peaceful protesters march through the streets of Lebanon


LEBANON, Pa. (WHTM) — Hundreds of protestors marched through the streets of Lebanon, stopping traffic and making their voices heard.

It was a peaceful demonstration, but at times got heated.

Organizers intended for the protest to stay right in front of the county courthouse where the street was blocked off for their safety. But unexpectedly, some in the crowd decided to lead everyone in a march several miles around the city.

Chants of “no justice, no peace,” were heard loud and clear on South 8th Street, as passionate protestesters filled the road in front of the courthouse in memory of George Floyd and the other black men and women killed in the United States.

“You are seen and you are loved. We love you and we will take care of you,” said protest organizer Paige Hall. “You deserve to feel like an equal because you are.”

Chants of “Black Lives Matter” filled the area too, with a diverse crowd supporting one another.

“We’re standing with you in a symbolic gesture of unity,” said Lebanon City Mayor Sherry Capello.

Capello spoke to the crowd with a simple message. “We just need to respect each other and that’s something that you earn and we need to keep it.”

At one point, one of the protesters brought two police officers and the chief down to the front where people were speaking.

“Even when it gets tough, will you stand with us?” asked a protestor.

“We will always stand with you,” replied Police Chief Todd Breiner.

But the moment turned cold when the crowd asked them to take a knee and instead they walked away. That’s what prompted some to lead a march through the streets.

“Say his name,” said one protestor. “George Floyd,” the crowd replied.

abc27 witnessed one business with armed security outside and one protester screaming at them, but besides loud voices and protesters making their voices heard, the entire event remained peaceful.

“I’m just amazed to be here, to be a part of this,” said a man watching from the sidewalk.

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