Lebanon countians await first medical marijuana dispensary


Many Lebanon County residents are eagerly awaiting the opening of the county’s first medical marijuana dispensary. It isn’t as soon as they hoped, but the company says the wait will be worth it. 

“I heard about it and I thought it was a great thing for Lebanon,” said Amanda Ruth, who is from Lebanon. 

Community members thought the medical marijuana dispensary would open at the beginning of 2018 and then again this March.

But the Lebanon Wellness Center says those were hopes and rumors since an official date was never set. 

“I’ve got to go out of town to get them, the cartridges,” said Travis Whitman, a Lebanon resident.

“The people who are on it have to travel and a lot of them can’t,” said Jodi Scribner, who is from Lebanon.

The Department of Health says dispensaries have six months from the time it issues the permit to become operational, but because Lebanon Wellness’ location switched, that timeframe was reset. 

Health officials say they can’t open until they give a final inspection, which the company has not yet requested. 

“It’s vital for this community to get something,” said Ruth.

A Wellness Center manager did not want to speak on camera. He says he would have rathered it open earlier, too, but the company is working to make the facility the best it can be.

During construction on the 100-year-old building, workers found architecture they want to restore and preserve.

The company is making Lebanon its flagship location and is using what it’s learning from its Altoona and Gettysburg locations to make it better. That includes expanding waiting areas. 

The manager says they are aggressively finishing construction. 

“It’s done very well for a lot of different diagnoses,” said Scribner.

Lebanon Wellness Center did not give an exact date of when it will open. 

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