Neighborhood kids raise money for family after house fire


LEBANON, Pa. (WHTM) – Lebanon kids are raising money for their neighbors whose house caught fire Saturday.

The homeowners say with all of the damage, it could be at least six months before they could move back in – if the home is salvageable.

“We’re having all the money go to the Reist family’s house,” said Mallory Seager, who helped organize the lemonade stand across the street Wednesday.

The 14-year-old rounded up the neighborhood kids and jumped into action.

“A good deed is passed on, and you always have to pass that onto someone else, and then it will go everywhere,” said Mallory Seeger.

“I heard like an explosion upstairs,” said Cathy Reist, the homeowner. “A wall of smoke came down.”

The family believes it was a faulty power cord that sparked the fire. Everyone got out safe, but most of their belongings are now ashes.

“They’re good neighbors to us, so we’ve got to pay it forward,” said Noah Raynes, who also helped organize the lemonade stand.

“It’s what God would want you to do,” said Andrew Seeger, another lemonade stand volunteer.

As the kids showed, a sweet gesture with a sour drink can go a long way.

“It has just been overwhelming,” Reist said. “The love and the kindness and the thoughtfulness of this whole neighborhood and the community.”

“Our goal is to just make them happy,’ said Mallory Seeger.

Neighbors have put together this GoFundMe page to also help the Reists with their expenses.

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