Lt. Gov Fetterman makes last midstate stop on marijuana listening tour


Lt. Governor John Fetterman made his 54th marijuana listening tour stop in Franklin County. 

State Rep. Rob Kauffman disagrees, and says the listening tour is a way for Fetterman to push his agenda, so he’s pushing his own, by boycotting the event. 

“We don’t want to be a part of the marijuana cheerleading sessions that he’s had around the state,” said Kauffman.

The only thing Kauffman says he’s a cheerleader for is his constituents having their voices heard, specifically the shrinking minority against marijuana. 

That’s why he, and three other lawmakers wrote a letter slamming Fetterman’s tour. 

“Our position has helped galvanize them and perked their ears up and say, ‘oh, maybe this is something we do need to weigh in on,” said Kauffman. 

Weigh in they did. Fetterman has noted more people are for recreational marijuana on his tour stops, but Franklin County had plenty of naysayers. 

One person told us, “I’m against it, and to me somebody is going to make a lot of money on this, and it’s not going to be us.”

Another said, “Go get a dog, go pull weeds, anything. There are lots of things people can do besides smoke something that makes their brains weird.”

Several people noted concerns about drugged-driving, and a lack of long-term research, which is something Kauffman supports. 

“There are so many things we need to study before we jump off that cliff,” said Kauffman. 

But if legalizing marijuana is jumping off a cliff, an almost equal amount of people for marijuana are eager to take a leap. One woman says she was addicted to 7 prescription drugs before she started smoking marijuana. 

“I’m for the legalization of marijuana because I live in chronic pain.”

Two women who operate a medical marijuana facility in Chambersburg say it’s a miracle drug, not a life-ruiner. 

“We see patients that have been on opioid mediciation for 20, 30 years that are now pill-free.”

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