Lt. Governor holds first marijuana listening session in Harrisburg


“What I think about this is not interesting. What’s interesting is what you all think about this. And that’s what this tour is about,” said John Fetterman, Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania. 

Over the next few months, Fetterman will be criss-crossing the entire state to hear what you think about legalizing recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania. 

“It’s really going to be about collecting and hearing information from people. There’s no agenda, other than we want to hear from everybody who feels that they want to weigh in on it,” said Fetterman. 

Monday he held the first session at the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg, where hundreds of residents showed up to speak for and against legalizing pot.

“Recreational marijuana, I believe will make us a dumber, a slower, a lazy and more evil generation,” said one man, who cited religious reasons for his opposition to the legalization.

“For a few years, the opiates kind of took over and ruined my life,” said one man who was addicted to painkillers, before discovering marijuana. “Without marijuana, i wouldnt have been able to stop.”

At each event, there will be comment cards placed on everyone’s chair. If you can’t make it, an online submission form is also available on the Lt. Governor’s official Facebook page. 

“We want to make sure people have a way to express themselves, whether in person, by a written comment, or online,” said Shavonia Corbin-Johnson, Deputy Chief-of-Staff of the Lt. Governor’s Office. 

Staff will also be there to help answer any questions visitors may have. The Lt. Governor stresses that he wants to make sure each event is a comfortable atmosphere where people can feel free to express their views regardless of what they may be. 

“We won’t tolerate bullying, on one side or the other, based on your views. This is a conversation,” said Fetterman. 

Fetterman will hold events in Newport, Perry County on Tuesday, and Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County on Wednesday. 

He hopes to wrap up the 67-county tour by the end of June. 

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