Marrying Mayors: Steelton, Highspire mayors offer to marry couples impacted by coronavirus


STEELTON-HIGHSPIRE, Pa. (WHTM) — They say love conquers all — even coronavirus.

Two Midstate mayors are doing their part to make sure that sentiment holds true by offering to marry any couple whose nuptials were nixed by coronavirus.

“Yeah, I guess I’m a hopeless romantic,” said Steelton Mayor Maria Romano-Marcinko.

As it turns out, a hopeless romantic makes an excellent hope dealer. As mayor, she has legal rights to marry, so she extended the offer on Facebook and quickly found a partner in partnering.

“She posted it. I immediately saw it, and then I posted it,” said Highspire Mayor Brenda Hoerner.

“Probably about 15 minutes later, I got a text from Mayor Hoerner, who said, ‘I’m stealing,’ and I said, ‘That’s great. you’re not stealing anything,'” Romano-Marcinko said.

The true thief is coronavirus. It has robbed people of their health, jobs and long-term plans.

“There are people out there that are losing their venues for weddings they planned for over a year. So, maybe I could help in some way,” Romano-Marcinko said.

“We should be able to help people out. It’s a stressful enough time when you’re getting married, let alone having this situation going on at the same time,” Hoerner said.

A marriage license expires in 60 days. So, it’s a bit of ‘I do or die’ situation.

A couple has already taken Mayor Hoener up on her offer and is set to get married in her backyard on Saturday.

“Even though it may not seem to be perfect, it’s still a memory. It’s still a special day for them,” Hoerner said.

A special day, made possible by two special ladies who are married to public service.

“Whatever we can do to help them get through this, we’re gonna do it,” Romano-Marcinko said.

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