(WHTM) — The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant shortages of baby formulas in stores across the country and in Pennsylvania. A recent recall of formula products over contamination concerns has worsened the shortage and shelves may not be restocked for a few more weeks.

Experts across the nation have come forward with advice, tips and tricks, and safety precautions, and now Penn State Health pediatrician Dr. Katherine Shedlock is now weighing in.

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While it is believed the four infants that became ill were not exposed to a bacteria at the facility in Michigan, Dr. Shedock says the voluntary recall has forced new moms to switch to different brands. While the shortage could last for a couple more weeks. Dr. Shedock says moms should not create their own formula or use cow milk.

“There’s some community resources that you can contact if you need to so one of the websites you can use is community action partnership.com and through that website, you can find a community action agency which could point you in the right direction on how to find formula,” Dr. Shedlock said.

Dr. Shedlock says if moms are having serious trouble or complications to call their pediatrician and in dire cases go to the hospital.

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