MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Silver Spring Township Police Department is investigating a scam where a caller claimed to be a member of the department and the Social Security Administration.

Police say the victim was contacted by a scammer claiming to be from the legal department of the Social Security Administration warning the victim of a potential identity theft case. After receiving the victim’s information the scammer said someone from the Silver Spring Township Police Department would be in contact.

A short time later the victim’s phone rang with “Silver Spring Township Police Department” as the caller ID and a person identifying himself as “Officer Mark Stevens” with instructions from the US Marshalls.

The victim was told to withdraw the largest amount of funds from his bank and directed to locations where Bitcoin ATMs were used to transfer $24,900.

“We do not have an Officer Stevens nor will we ever ask for Bitcoin payment from anyone,” said the Silver Spring Township Police Department in a statement. “This is a scam, please be careful. If something similar occurs to you please call, or stop by, our station directly or call the Cumberland County Communications Center directly and ask for an officer to stop by and meet you in person.”